William G. Etzkorn, M.S.


M.S., Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prior to joining AVN in 2010, Bill Etzkorn had nearly 30 years of industrial research and development experience, with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His process development experience encompasses process design, development, lab and pilot plant design, construction, and operation. He also has extensive project techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement experience, involving R&D support of commercial operations, new process and new product R&D, and general technology techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement support of several specialty chemical businesses.

Bill served as R&D Group Leader and Sr. Technology Manager in the Specialty Chemicals area of Union Carbide, providing process and product development as well as general business technology leadership for Acrolein Derivatives, Specialty Ketones, Vinyl ethers, Glutaraldehyde, and Norbornene processes. He served 25 years as the C3 oxidation catalyst licensing liaison for Union Carbide and Dow. Following the merger with Dow Chemical in 2001, Bill expanded his Technology Management responsibilities to include Specialty Monomers such as divinyl benzene and vinyl benzyl chloride. He then accepted a position as R&D Operations Leader for pilot plant and large-scale lab techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement for Amines, Acrylates, Solvents & Intermediates, and Oxo Alcohols R&D programs prior to leading the South Charleston site R&D laboratory and pilot plant facilities shutdown and closure in 2009-2010.

Bill is an author of 18 U.S. patents and 6 technical publications including the Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia contribution for Acrolein and Derivatives