Advanced Software Technologies

AVN Advanced Software Technologies team core competencies

Modeling & Simulation

development that combines geographic information systems with gaming technologies to fuse real world data with next generation interactive immersive environments to provide unique operational tools, experiential training environments, and ‘what if’ scenario planning.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS

for the collection, integration, analysis, and dissemination of location based information—turning data into actionable knowledge.

High Performance Computing

with a strong understanding of the relationships between server hardware, operating systems, virtualization, and load balancing to optimize runtime performance of demanding computational tasks.

Enterprise Web Development

to make innovation “web accessible.” Our team has developed enterprise web applications for domains including simulation, geospatial visualization and data analytics.

Big Data

application development expertise for the creation of recommendation engines based on full text document analysis, web cataloging, geospatial data mining, graph theory, and image analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

application development ranging from emulating humanistic conversational AI medical simulations to the use of intelligent agents for modeling entity behaviors during mass evacuation simulations.

Interactive 3D/VR

technology utilizing custom OpenGL and Unity3D based applications for scientific visualization to provide insights into complex data sets.


development expertise of responsive web applications that auto-scale from desktop to mobile devices enabling users to interact with enterprise data from virtually any web enabled device

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