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THE AVN BLOG: Olefin Polymerization

Polymerization of an olefin with a specific catalyst had been found by a customer to produce a product of interest in a small-scale batch reaction. AVN was engaged to assist in scaling up the process to generate 25 kg of product. Challenges included finding process conditions that would generate product… Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Organic Synthesis

A customer needed to have kilogram quantities of target molecules synthesized by routes involving pressure reactions such as carbonylation, hydrogenation, and hydroformylation. AVN was able to demonstrate these syntheses in small stirred pressure reactors and then to scale up the procedures in larger reactors. Products were then purified by various… Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Catalyst Development 

A product of interest to a customer could be produced by a catalytic reaction in a fixed-bed reactor, but catalysts and conditions for best operation were not known. AVN set up a catalyst screening reactor to test a selection of catalysts for their performance under a standard set of conditions. Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Process Chemistry Scale-Up

A unique biocide had been identified and AVN was asked to scale up the synthesis to prepare quantities for evaluation in several potential applications. The synthetic route was hazardous and difficult to perform reliably. AVN identified an alternative route, which also opened up options to prepare multiple additional related products. Read More

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Press Release

AVN Names Todd Morgan as New Pilot Plant Business Unit Lead

South Charleston, W.Va., April 27, 2023 – AVN Corp. (AVN) today announced that Todd Morgan has joined the organization as its new Pilot Plant Business Unit (BU) leader. He will be responsible for leading the BU’s strategic growth in demonstration and validation, data collection for scale-up to commercial operations, market… Read More

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