Pilot Plant & Large-Scale Lab Facilities

AVN currently performs custom pilot plant work and process scale-up for a variety of clients in two buildings at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park.

Building 771

Building 771 at the Technology Park was originally constructed to be a high pressure laboratory and pilot plant facility. The building has 24 operation cells varying in length, width and height to be used for large and small scale experimentation and pilot units. These cells are separated from the operating area by a 15″ concrete and steel reinforced wall. There is also one large scale pilot area that measures 12 ft. deep by 40 ft. wide and approximately 40 ft. tall. Included in this building are four labs, 5 offices and two maintenance shops.

This building currently has a full range of utilities and services. A 480V, 240V and 120V electric service bus runs the entire length of the building. Besides city water and sewer, building 771 has steam service at 200 psig and 30 psig, plant air at 90 psig and a 160 psig low pressure Nitrogen header that also runs the full length of the building. A Siemens 7 process control system is installed and is employed on experimental units operated in the building.

Building 770 Annex

A laboratory extension installed onto Building 770 contains 2425 sq. ft. of laboratory/pilot plant space very well suited to scale-up work. The lab contains four 2-story walk-in fume-hoods with cat-walk for full access at both levels (~24 ft length x 30” deep x 20 ft height). It also contains four full-length lab benches and three normal-size lab fume hoods for sample preparations.

Installed in a portion of the lab is a Moore/APACS control system potentially expandable to the entire lab. Computer access is available via wireless and network connections. Installed utilities include electric, cooling water, high pressure (200 psig) steam, nitrogen, and air utility headers in all hoods. There is outside dock-access to two sides of building, and drum and cylinder storage access on the building dock.

With these physical resources, AVN is well prepared to take on R&D projects from small-scale, early stage research to product and process development activities, as well as scale-up and continuous operations.