Process Engineering

AVN engineers, working in teams with scientists involved in technology development, are uniquely skilled in understanding and managing the risks and complexities of new technology implementation. Involving AVN in the early stages of a technology development project can reduce cost and cycle time as the technology development, risk mitigation, and design are completed in parallel.

A key aspect of our approach is to evaluate the techno-economic aspects of the process repeatedly throughout the development stage with our clients as the technology becomes better defined. Our engineers then develop process packages that will improve the likelihood of commercial success by anticipating and understanding technology challenges to cost effectively incorporate contingency into the design.

Examples of completed process engineering projects include biochemical, biodiesel, integrated energy, petrochemical and recycling. AVN has prepared conceptual and basic process packages for customer technologies with capital estimates ranging from $1 million to $125 million. These efforts provide customers with timely engineering that allows them to more effectively manage technology risks.