Specialty and Custom Chemicals Manufacturing

U.S. based specialty and custom chemical manufacturing Custom designs or existing equipment utilization.

AVN is a specialty and custom chemical manufacturer established for both direct sales of specialty and fine chemicals and custom manufacturing of products under contract. AVN’s manufacturing facility is focused on the flexible production of specialty chemicals for the U.S. market, and our team of technical experts can drive process development for hard-to-find products for sale on the open market.

Journey Partner from Discover to Deployment

AVN is capable of commercial-scale production of new technologies for the market. We realize customer time and cost savings when we pair our skilled technician workforce and our powerful R&D technical team with our chemical manufacturing facilities.

All under one roof, AVN offers product development through laboratory research, pilot plant scale-up, and commercial scale manufacturing.


Manufacturing Capabilities

AVN prides itself on our staff’s experience across a broad range of chemistries and skillsets. We operate sophisticated facilities and are capable of handling difficult and hazardous chemistries in a safe and productive manner.


Batch & Continuous Operation

Experienced in batch-to-continuous conversions of existing processes


CTSR & Plug Flow Reactors

in a variety of sizes and materials of construction


Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis capabilities
Separations Expertise

particular strengths in distillation and crystallization


Fully Automated Process Capabilities

via a Siemens Neo DCS


Product Focus Areas:

Specialty & custom chemicals
Pharmaceutical ingredients
Electronic materials
Difficult chemistries where additional technical and safety knowledge is required
New and novel chemistries


Technical and Analytical Support:

On-site quality control lab for manufacturing support
Research analytical lab for advanced support
Backing of our full contract research organization if the need arises

National Center of Excellence for Chemical Process Design

AVN was a sub-awardee of the 2022 U.S. Department of Commerce’s Rapid Assistance for Coronavirus Economic Response (RAPID) grant. Along with partners RAPID Manufacturing Institute, AVN will establish the Center of Excellence (CoE) for process design, defining a new standardized process development framework to streamline chemical manufacturing processes from laboratory bench through to commercial production. Initial projects will develop continuous processes for critical materials for the pharmaceutical industry currently substantially produced overseas.

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