Chemical Technical Engineering

AVN’s technical engineering staff consists of PhDs, PEs and senior engineers with a wide degree of specialties in the chemical and process engineering and development areas. The expertise of AVN’s staff is known world-wide in the field of chemical manufacturing. Several of our current staff were involved in the development of numerous commercial chemical processes for Union Carbide.

In addition to providing facility process engineering and design, we provide mechanical, civil, electrical engineering, instrumentation control systems design, and programming personnel, as well as other project services areas of expertise including: project techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement, detailed engineering, procurement and operations training. AVN’s full life cycle of services from laboratory research through engineering, construction techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement and plant start-up offers significant value to our customers and is a unique differentiator from typical contract engineering firms.

We provide our global customers with a return on investment through innovative engineering and design solutions that are enhanced by our disciplined delivery processes. We take pride in client satisfaction resulting from our quality engineering and design services. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients, as well as to providing our clients with premier services.

We are professional, responsible, innovative, detailed and experienced. These attributes allow us to excel in our project execution, customer satisfaction and professional growth. Our integrity sets us apart from the competition. We are a highly ethical corporation and we perform work to only the highest professional, local and national codes and standards.

Rapid Staffing

Through the AVN enterprise of companies and partnerships with design firms, we have the ability to augment our project teams and rapidly staff for larger projects or short duration project needs. This ability additionally allows us to supplement the needs of our clients for assignments on-site.

Our Principal Engineers and Senior Project Managers possess an average of 35+ years of professional industry experience in their respective fields. This level of experience contributes to our quality of workmanship and overall project success. Additionally it allows our project teams to excel in all aspects of the project, from front end engineering and scope development to detailed engineering, design and project support activities.

Project Management

Project Managers are responsible for the development and maintenance of all project schedules. Milestone information shared through the project schedule includes: critical path, task descriptions, task relationships, required resources, start dates, actual and projected cost (by task), project completion dates, and actual and projected progress. Project schedules are reported weekly or bi-weekly based on the client needs. Key Project Manager roles are listed below:

  • Work Plan Development & Project Scheduling
  • Project Coordination & Monitoring
  • Project Accounting
  • Quality Assurance


Our engineers and design personnel are proficient in the estimation of engineering and construction project schedules using Microsoft Project, ChemCad, V8 Microsoft, 3D-CAD, Finite Element Modeling and Analysis (FEA), Pro/Engineering Technology, Data Management Solutions, MSC Analysis Tools, and many other programs.


AVN safety engineers and trainers are certified and highly qualified to implement a variety of safety programs and procedures for industrial operations. We provide federal and state regulatory DOT and OSHA compliance training, as well as perform safety engineering services to mitigate risks, investigate accidents and document/improve or develop safety procedures. See a complete listing of our safety services.

Process & Quality Management

We continuously work toward process improvements and implementing changes to improve quality and cost efficiency. Our engineering design processes employ the latest national and local codes and standards (NFPA, ATSM, ASME, API, DOT, National Building Code 2000, ASI and ISO 9001). We also follow strict adherence to our client’s internal standards and design practices.

Security & Secrecy

The expertise of our staff is known world-wide in the field of chemical manufacturing. Several of our current staff were involved in the development of numerous commercial chemical processes for Union Carbide.


The majority of our project work occurs in repeat business from our primary client base. This demonstrates our commitment to long-term partnerships with our clients and proves that we are focused on providing our clients with the highest value of services for their project needs. Due to confidentiality agreements with the majority of our clients, we are unable to provide a showcase of our specific clients. Our core project work has consisted of engineering and design for large multi-national chemical companies, fortune 500 natural gas companies, start-up manufacturers, regional energy producers, state and local water utilities, as well as U.S. and international governmental authorities.

Natural Gas Industry

Our engineering and design personnel employ sound engineering and design practices, as well as provide onsite support commissioning and start-up for compressor stations and related facilities, gas processing, liquid removal facilities, and heating and cooling plants. Particular expertise is found in all phases of gas separation for the purification of the gas stream, gas compression, total compressor station design, water desalination, de-bottlenecking and maintenance of existing facilities.

Chemical Industry

The expertise of our staff is known world-wide in the field of chemical manufacturing. Several of our current staff were involved in the development of numerous commercial chemical processes for Union Carbide.

Water Industry

AVN staff are experienced in many areas of water analysis, production, treatment, and transmission. Clients have included coal producers, coal transporters, natural gas companies, and public water and wastewater entities. We are ready and well equipped to solve water or wastewater problems. Our experienced staff is capable of recommending cost-effective solutions.

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