Dana L. Jividen


A.S., Chemical Technology, West Virginia State University

Dana Jividen is a Senior Laboratory Technician, responsible for supporting customer projects in AVN Laboratories and Pilot Plants, managing AVN’s Hydrogen Generator, and serving as a backup Emergency Response Leader. He joined AVN in 2010. Prior to joining AVN, Mr. Jividen was a Senior Laboratory Technician at Dow Chemical Company and Union Carbide Corporation.

Mr. Jividen also has experience in a variety of analytical techniques. Processes he has worked on include hydrogenation, ethoxylation, hydroformylation, carbonylation, and acrylic acid production. He has experience with heterogeneous, homogeneous, multiphase, and supercritical phase reactions, in Berty reactors, tube reactors, and CSTRs. He also has operating knowledge of process control systems. Mr. Jividen received an associate of science degree from West Virginia State College.