AVN to fuel continued growth with new high-pressure reactor in the works


As if highly pressurized, AVN Corp. has experienced an explosive year of outsized growth and success. We’ve continued to build our business in terms of new clients and capabilities, seen several of our leaders receive industry recognition, and added to our talented roster of staff working to solve the world’s toughest problems in science and technology!

We’re excited to share that we’re gearing up for even more expansion as we near the unveiling of a new 360-gallon stainless steel chemical reactor that has been set in place in our facilities at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park. The reactor will enhance AVN’s capabilities for pilot plant research for scale-up and provide opportunities for growth in the specialty and custom chemical manufacturing space.

What makes this reactor unique is not its size, but its high-pressure rating. The 1000 psig pressure rating will be a competitive advantage within our industry sector and will broaden our ability to serve clients and fuel continued business growth in the manufacturing sector and beyond.

“AVN’s clients come to us for our ability to practice difficult chemistries and advanced techniques. Many of those applications require higher pressure capabilities, so this reactor is a great addition that plays to our strengths.” said Rob Nunley, Director of Manufacturing. “This feature of the new reactor will be somewhat unique in our industry and will help us appeal to a wider client base in within the manufacturing sector.”

This offering, in addition to existing physical resources in AVN’s piloting and manufacturing areas, means AVN is well prepared to take on specialized manufacturing opportunities as well as R&D projects from small-scale, early-stage research for product and process development activities, as well as scale-up and continuous operations.

The work is underway to have the new reactor operational by end of 2023.