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THE AVN BLOG: The Building Blocks of AVN’s Brand  

AVN’s brand icon represents an innovative work process with various components that combine to form a whole operation. The “brand blocks” signify the series of capabilities and actions required to fulfill a customer’s business objectives.   The icon symbolizes a manner in which expert research, development and engineering methods fit together… Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Biofuels

Biofuels are critical in moving to lower carbon transportation options. A customer had developed technology for production of renewable jet fuel, diesel and naphtha from renewable raw materials and needed assistance in demonstrating the process at larger scale. AVN constructed a pilot unit capable of the process conditions required and… Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Battery Recycling

Used batteries contain valuable components that can be recovered for re-use. AVN assisted a customer in evaluating a process for dissolving battery materials and analyzing the composition of the different phases generated in the process. This information was useful in better defining the process for operation at a larger scale. Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Polymer Upcycling

Many organizations are pursuing the recycling or upcycling of used plastics to recover value from the components. In one project AVN assisted in demonstrating methods to purify a liquid product obtained from decomposition of a mixed plastics feed. Laboratory studies began with batch reactions, which helped identify methods having promise… Read More

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THE AVN BLOG: Hydrotreating

A need was brought to AVN to carry out a hydrotreating process on a specific feed material using a sulfided catalyst. AVN designed and constructed a reaction system that allowed continuous operation with appropriate feeds, including hydrogen, liquid feeds, other gases, and sulfiding agent. The unit was designed for safe… Read More

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