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Moving ideas and products from concept to commercialization at unmatched speeds.

Market Driven Innovation

AVN is a strategic innovation partner to industry with customers on six continents. The depth of AVN’s expertise in chemical product research, product development, process improvement, process safety, engineering and manufacturing is not unique in and of each element, but rather because all these disciplines are concentrated in one organization. It is this anomaly that sets AVN apart from its competitors. A company might have to interact with five or more service providers to obtain a similar level of expertise. Applying this broad perspective enables AVN to move products from concept to commercialization at a speed that creates a competitive advantage for our customers.

Pioneering Innovation

Our company is structured by four strategic business units.

Chemical Process Technologies

Rapid access to a diversity of expertise and technical resources for chemical process development efforts.

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Technical Engineering

Powerful, proven and established technology development and improvement methodologies to increase return on investment.

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Advanced Software Technologies

Experience and capabilities to reduce software and systems development risks while controlling schedule and costs.

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Specialty and Custom Chemicals Manufacturing

Infrastructure, technology development methodologies and in-depth experience to produce commercial quantities of specialty and fine chemicals.

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Software Technologies

AVN’s Advanced Software Technologies group provides customers with unique offerings to specifically meet their needs. Our employees have the expertise to provide our clients with the speed necessary to compete in today’s market. Our capabilities are large enough to deliver diverse market offerings, but we remain small enough to know that our success is defined through partnering with our customers and truly knowing and exceeding their needs. We additionally anticipate market needs and develop, design and deploy our own proprietary packages that bring value to a broader customer base. In either circumstance, we remain focused on our customer and deliver market driven innovation.

Advanced Software Technology

GIS Applications

Modeling and Simulation

Software Engineering

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Corporate Headquarters,
Chemical Process Technologies,
Technical Engineering,
Specialty & Custom Chemicals Manufacturing

Physical Address

1740 Union Carbide Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303

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P. O. Box 8396
South Charleston, WV 25303

Locations and Business Units

Advanced Software Technologies

Physical Address

430 Drummond Street, Suite 2
Morgantown, WV 26505

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