Daniel (Dan) Baker


BS in Chemical Engineering and Judicial Doctorate from West Virginia University


Dan Baker is AVN’s Attorney Law Clerk, responsible for providing legal guidance and support to management and various departments and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations while protecting AVN’s interests. Dan also assists in contract drafting and intellectual property review. Mr. Baker joined AVN in 2022 as a legal intern, assisting AVN’s Legal Counsel. Before AVN, he worked at Equitrans Midstream as a legal intern, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology as an electrochemistry researcher, and at West Virginia University as both a legal and material science student researcher.

Mr. Baker has a published paper: “Microwave-Assisted Pretreatment of Coal Fly Ash for Enrichment and Enhanced Extraction of Rare-Earth Elements.” He received a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Judicial Doctorate from West Virginia University.