Timothy “T.J.” Jones


B.S., Management Information Systems, West Virginia University

Timothy “T.J.” P. Jones Jr. is a Management Information Systems Specialist IV, responsible for managing various parts of the software development lifecycle for AVN’s Advanced Software Technologies (AST) division. He serves as a liaison between AVN’s customers and our software development team, identifying requirements and ensuring their traceability throughout our software development efforts, and performing quality assurance testing on AVN-developed software products. He joined AVN in 2010. Since then, his responsibilities have spanned across the entire software development life cycle; bringing value to our customers by being a liaison, identifying requirements and ensuring their traceability throughout the software development efforts, creating documentation, managing mission critical systems, and performing quality assurance testing on AVN developed software products.

During his time with AVN, T.J. has worked with a variety of customers including the Department of Energy (DoE), Department of Defense (DoD), National Guard (NG), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Prior to joining AVN, Mr. Jones worked with Intelligent Simulations, LLC. and West Virginia University Web services.

Mr. Jones holds a patent with the AVN AST team for Modeling and Simulation Capability for Resource Consumption and Consequence Management. He is a member of an R&D 100 award-winning team. Mr. Jones has received awards for developing a software package that includes ten science-based computational tools that predict environmental risk performance of geologic carbon dioxide (CO2) storage sites and for developing NETL’s Offshore Risk Modeling (ORM) suite, which is another multi-component, data-driven suite of eight innovative science- and data-driven computational tools and models designed to predict, prepare for and prevent future oil spills. He holds multiple publications tied to work performed with AVN for our Department of Energy – NETL customer for the Energy Data Exchange (EDX) and associated projects. Mr. Jones received a bachelor of science degree in Management Information Systems (Business Administration) from West Virginia University.